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Pune is one of the oldest inhabited cities in India and was once the capital of the great Maratha Empire. Thus, this city is one of the most important from the historical, cultural, and traditional point of view.

Mainly famous for its tourist attractions, Pune has some of the finest tourist destinations that captivate a huge number of people all across the world. The tourist destinations in this city can be divided into several types including historical monuments, ancient forts, temples, caves, gardens, museums, palaces, lakes, zoos, etc.

Tourist Attractions In and Around Pune

Temples in Pune


Pune, an ancient city is blessed with a huge number of age-old and modern temples. In this city you would get to see magnificent rock carved temples along with temples with spectacular modern architecture. Pay visit to the temples in Pune to experience the unique solace of spirituality.

Churches in Pune


Pune was an important city during the British Raj in India. A huge number of British Officers resided in the city who then raised several churches to worship and spread Christianity. Experience the distinctive culture by visiting the Churches in this city.

Mosques in Pune


Pune once was a part of the Mughal Empire and thus has several ancient mosques. The city today boasts of several enormous ancient as well as new mosques. Their magnificent architecture definitely attracts on goers attention. Take a look at some of the worth visiting mosques in Pune.

Historical Monuments in Pune


Since the city has been one of the most ancient inhabited places in India, it possesses several historical monuments. Some even dating back to the 2nd century BC, the places are worth visiting and attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Experience their enormous glory by visiting these historical monuments in Pune.

Museums in Pune


There are several museums in Pune that preserve distinct objects from ancient periods. These museums help us understand the age old culture and traditions here and take us to an altogether new world. These museums are definitely worth visiting.

Forts around Pune


Pune was a prime destination during the Mughal as well as the Maratha rule and possesses some of the best forts worth visiting. Residing in the mighty Sahyadri Ranges, these forts depict the glory of the Maratha Empire. Experience the massive rock patches, cliffs, and mesmerizing nature here.

Caves near Pune


Several glorious caves on the outskirts of this city have attracted tourists all over the world ever since they were discovered. Dating back to around 2nd century BC, these caves give you unimaginable views of spectacular rock architecture. The caves near Pune are definitely worth visiting and give you an outstanding view in the monsoons.

Dams and Lakes in and around Pune


The city of Pune is blessed with enormous water bodies and are prime hangout destinations for the Puneties. The pleasant surroundings of these lakes and dams give you a soothing feel and make your mind fresh.

Hill Stations near Pune


There are several hill stations near Pune that keep Puneties cool during the summers. The dense forests, picturesque landscapes, plush resorts, and soothing climate of these hill stations attract a huge number of tourists from all over Maharashtra.

Zoo/Gardens in Pune:


Pune has numerous gardens whose environment refreshes you. Well developed and maintained, these gardens are special attraction for kids and couples who can spend some joyful time here.

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