Puneri Patya

By | August 15, 2013

Pune is famous for its Puneri language which can only be heard from the local Puneties. This city of legends is known by several names including the city of two wheelers to the city of Puneri Patyas. Taking about Puneri patyas, these are the gem in the Puneri Pagadi. You would come across numerous small boards giving you some or the other instructions on the roads of Pune. Now you might think, what’s new in that? But these boards are no simple boards but possess words which are enthroned on sharp arrow heads that penetrate in your soul giving you a lifetime experience. Following are some of the selected “items” that would give you an idea about these world famous Pune Patyas.

A sarcastic board saying, “Brainless people should litter here!”.

A mind blowing caption on the rear windshield of a car saying, “We do not halt in the middle of the road. So please do not honk. Yours Polite – Punekar”

In Pune, you get to hear drastic and hilarious combination of Marathi and Hindi language. This pic is a perfect example of such combination and says,”If you park your vehicle in front of the gate and create trouble for us, you might find less air in your tires.”

Sarcasm at its best once again. This board says, “I am a donkey and that’s why I am parking in front of the gate.”

A straight forward warning that says, “If someone gets troubled because of you, you might even get troubled because of someone.”

Another POLITE warning from a Punekar which says, “Mad Men, please do not bring your Smart Dogs in the temple and garden area.”

Hope the above few hilarious boards of Pune have entertained you. Stay tuned for many more Puneri patyas and ensure that the next time you come across any such board, you understand its meaning and follow it to avoid any further “casualties”.

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