Pointing fingers is no new for the PMC

By | July 28, 2013

When almost the entire city roads have been textured by the dedicated work of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), all they can do is point fingers at each other. The PMC recently claimed that the poor drainage network is solely responsible for the potholes across the city roads. They have also sought funds from the central government to construct and remodel the city’s roadside drains, blaming inadequate storm water drainage in the city of potholed roads.
The revised city development plan points that the drainage system network in the municipal area has limited coverage and that a closed roadside drain network is available only in some major roads. I do not understand why these things are not planned when a particular area is being developed. Recollecting the Harappa and Mohenjo-daro civilizations from around 2600 BCE, these towns were planned with utter excellence even with limited resources and technology.
Today, mainly the bad planning and ignorance from the PMC has led to several management and functioning problems. The substantial increase in the paved areas has resulted in increased runoff volumes for even a small drizzling event. The consistent increase in demand for land has further affected the natural drains. Even after the massive developments across the city, development along the nullahs has not taken place is a scientific and planned manner. All these thing have thus resulted in emergences of areas which are prone to flooding, even with moderate rainfall intensities.
Even this year the PMC has chosen a smatter way to push the days and like every year the Puneites would curse them while driving their vehicles on these potholed roads.

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