Historic Places in Pune

By | February 3, 2013

The historic places in Pune are the major tourist attractions of this glorious city. This city has witnessed several historic events and thus important from historic point of view. Right from the era of the Maratha Empire to the British rule, this city has seen several historic events. Today, several historical places in Pune are preserved and maintained by various organizations so the tourists can experience them. Following is the list of some of the prominent historical places in this city.

    Shaniwar Wada
    • Lal Mahal
    • Vishrambagh Wada
    • Kesri Wada
    • Shinde Chatri
    • Agakhan Palace
    • Garden Rech
    • Sasoon Hospital
    • University of Pune
    • Deccan College
    • Phule Wada
    • Osho International Commune
    • Kasturba Samadhi
    • Lal Deval
    • Vadhu Tulapur
    • Bal Gandharva Mandir
    • Tilak Smarak Mandir
    • The Film and Television Institute of India

Apart from the above mentioned historic places in Pune, there are many other worth visiting places. Hope the above mentioned information helped you in knowing several historical places in this city.

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