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By | February 3, 2013

Every Puneties has a special attraction towards the Gardens in Pune. Contributing as one of the major pastimes for people here, these recreational spots provide immense peace and serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city. These parks are well maintained and function to be popular hangout destinations in this city. The spreading lush green areas definitely captivates ones attention and unknowingly gives a soothing feel. A huge number of people from the city routinely visit these gardens to inhale fresh air and experience the distinct calming environment.
The visitors to the gardens in Pune can be distinguished into four major categories. The first category includes elderly people enjoying their retirement lives in the abode of these verdant spaces. You may also often come across group of elders enjoying their morning/evening walks, exercises, and gossips here. The second category is families who bring their children to play and have fun in the evenings or on weekends. The third category includes romantic couples who visit these Pune gardens to pass some personal time with each other. The fourth and most important category includes that of the snack vendors who come here to sell their food items which are really tasty.

List of Pune Gardens

Sarasbaug Garden
• Sambhaji Park
empress-garden-pune• Katraj Garden and Zoo
• Bund Garden
• Empress Garden
• Okayama Garden
• Osho Garden
• Yashwantrao Chavhan Garden
• Shivdarshan Garden
• Eknath Bagul Garden
• Raja Mantri Udyan
• Damodar Rajiv Galande Garden
• Kalyani Park
• Jayantrao Tilak Gulabpushpa Garden

The above mentioned are some of the well-known Pune gardens. These gardens play an important role in maintaining a peculiar balance in the rush city life. Helping the kids enjoy their play time, entertain the elders in passing their leisure time, giving couples ample space and freedom to spend time with each other, and vendors in earning some few bucks. Hope the above mentioned list of some of the prominent gardens in Pune help you in utilizing them according to your needs.

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