Caves in Pune

By | February 3, 2013

The caves in Pune almost date back to around 2nd century BC and are one of the major tourist attractions of this city. Humans have always been interested about the pre-historic times, human evolution, and many other aspects. Several excavations by archeologists and anthropologists have also left us in awe due to the magnificent way of ancient people’s living and their architectural knowledge. According to several excavations carried out till date, the ancient people preferred living in caves that provided them safety from weather as well as wild animals. Numerous caves have been found all across the world which are believed to be homes of the pre-historic people.
Several caves have been found in and around Pune and are specific to a religion, Buddhism. The Buddhists had a remarkable presence in the entire Western Ghats as the mountains here were preferable for carving caves. Also, the other resources such as water and food were in ample. Thus, one can find several Buddhist caves in Pune. Taking a look at these caverns, the spectacular carving on their walls, magnificent domes, professionally decorated pillars, geometrically aligned rooms and halls, and amazing sculptures leave us spellbound. Today, most of these historical monuments lie unattended and are almost on a verge of extinction. The archeological department has however taken care of some of these monuments and did their best to preserve them. Following are some of the worth visiting caves in and around Pune.

List of Pune Caves
Pataleshwar Cave Temple
• Bedse Caves
• Bhaja Caves
• Karla Caves
• Ghorwadi Caves
• Malavli Caves
• Lenyadri Caves
• Gambhirnath Caves (Monkey Hill)

The above mentioned are some of the worth visiting caves in and around Pune. If you know some more of them, please mention them in the comments below. Let’s make this page ideal of gaining detailed information about caves in Pune.

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