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Caves in Pune

The caves in Pune almost date back to around 2nd century BC and are one of the major tourist attractions of this city. Humans have always been interested about the pre-historic times, human evolution, and many other aspects. Several excavations by archeologists and anthropologists have also left us in awe due to the magnificent way… Read More »

Forts in Pune

Forts in Pune are one of the major attractions of this city. This city is situated with Sahyadri Hill ranges on all of its sides. Thus, the city is blessed with numerous hill forts which are usually a major attraction for hikers. Most of the forts around the city are in ruins today. However, a… Read More »

Museums in Pune

The museums in Pune are amongst the worth visiting tourist destinations in this city. These museums hold some of the most unique artifacts that captivate anyone who sees them. Some of the worth seeing artifacts in these museums include ancient utensils, armors, swords, jewelry, industrial products, agricultural articles, handicraft items, etc. Following are the seven… Read More »

Historic Places in Pune

The historic places in Pune are the major tourist attractions of this glorious city. This city has witnessed several historic events and thus important from historic point of view. Right from the era of the Maratha Empire to the British rule, this city has seen several historic events. Today, several historical places in Pune are… Read More »

Mosques in Pune

There are numerous mosques in Pune as Islam is the second largest religion in this city. The city possesses some of the most ancient as well as newly developed mosques. Daily prayers and periodic festivals are conducted within these mosques and are witnessed by people on a great extent. Following are some of the prominent… Read More »

Churches in Pune

Churches in Pune are one of the awaited destinations for the Puneties. The splendid environment in the churches mesmerizes every one of us. Several churches in this city were built during the British era and still remain intact and active. The Sunday masses, Christmas Eve, Good Friday are celebrated on a large scale and people… Read More »

Temples in Pune

Experience the majestic beauty of the Temples in Pune. The city has a wide range of temples of all religion. Several ancient temples in this city mark their own place and are visited by a huge number of devotees round the year. The magnificent rock cut temples like the Pataleshwar Temple, Omkareshwar Temple, Bhuleshwar Temple,… Read More »

Saras Baug Temple

Sarus baug temple is one of the most decorated temples in Pune. Also frequently known as the Talatla Ganapati (Ganpati in Lake), this temple is situated near the Swargate Bus depot. This magnificent temple is surrounded by splendid gardens and is one of the prime picnic destinations for the citizens of Pune. A huge number… Read More »

Parvati Hill Temple

Parvati hill temple is one of the Pune’s prime historical attractions. Situated near the center of the city and near to the Swargate bus station, the Parvati mandir is situated on a small hillock which rises around 2100 feet above the sea level. This hillock holds several temples including Lord Devdeveshwar, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu,… Read More »

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Pataleshwar cave temple has been the pride of Pune city. Situated on the Jungli Maharaj road, this temple dates back to around 8th century and is considered to be built in the Rashtrakuta period. This cave temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva and is built out of a single basalt rock. Pataleshwar literary… Read More »